Friday, 17 March 2017

Millennium trip

On Tuesday we went to the Millennium Centre on the North Shore. It was really interesting, we did water sports and team building. Our water sports were kayaking, snorkeling and water safety.

During water safety we learnt how to get onto boats, the strongest person gets on the boat first so they can lift the next person up. Then both of the people can lift everyone else on.

Kayaking was fun. We had to flip the kayak over and then swim the kayak back to the pool edge. It was kind of scary for some of us, but we all did it. We learnt how to use the paddles. We got shown how to go forward, turn and paddle backward.

Snorkeling was very hard because we didn't have the life jacket to keep us up. It was hard to breathe when the water went into the pipe. When that happens you have to go up to the top of the water and blow the water out. Lots of us hadn't done it before but we all tried.

Team building was outside. We had 3 tasks to do. The first one was getting the hoop to go around us. We all held hands and had to step through the hoop and get it over our heads. It looked really funny. Some times the hoop got stuck.
Our second task was to get from the volcano island to the safe island. We could only use 6 disks. We had to work out how many people to a disk and how to get the end disk to the front. We all fell off and "died" in the lava. Lucky we were only pretending.
The last task was to get a tennis ball go through lots of tube into the bucket. The bucket was a long way away and we had to run to the front of the line when the ball had gone through our piece of pipe. We all had a small piece of pipe. We all worked together and got the ball to the bucket. We had to concentrate really hard.

Here are some pictures. More to come soon.
Bloggers: Lawrence and Jazlyn


  1. It looks like a wonderful day mixed with fun and important learning. Well done room 14. Poppy I love the snorkeling picture :)

  2. Wow! Looks like you're having a fun day on that kind of trip it looks really fun and I like those photos.
    From Parniha (Kaniksta's sister)

  3. What a great trip looks like you are having a good day well done!
    From Kaniksta's Dad

  4. room 18 had a great time to what did you like at the millennium sentre