Friday, 7 April 2017

Compliment Circle and encouraging our children

Hi everyone, I have implemented a Compliment Circle in room 14.
This is when we are in a circle and have to compliment ourselves and then the person sitting next to us.

It is very difficult to compliment yourself. It would be great if at home you could start complimenting your children on different things, so that when they are in class they have more things to compliment themselves on.

I like how you made your bed this morning.
I like how you helped me with the dishwasher.
Thank you for your help putting the washing out.

At school we are trying to compliment on our academic areas, example:

I compliment myself for

being able to flick all the letters when handwriting.
for reading 20 minutes every night

Another thing we can praise for is sharing, helping and taking turns.

Thank you for sharing your toys with me and for letting me play with you.
You are really helping your sister with picking up her things, Thank you.
You are so strong at waiting your turn. You are so patient, well done.
You found something else to do while your friend finished her turn on the computer.

Thanks for your help with our compliments. Have a great weekend.

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