Friday, 12 May 2017

Middle School Assembly

Hi everyone, Room 14 ran Middle School Assembly this week. Below please find some pictures of the art work we shared. Thanks.

Our picture is an outline of a soldier standing in a poppy field. First we outlined the soldier with Sharpies. Then we used black paint on a tissue to smudge the paint to give this effect. We had to be careful to make sure the paint didn’t go on the solider or end up with big black blobs everywhere.

Once the paint was dried, we drew poppies in pencil, outlined them in back and used red paint to fill in the petals. We spent some time practicing drawing poppies on an internet site.

This was great fun to do and don’t they look amazing.


  1. wow guys! those pictures have a real effect to them, they look phenomenal

  2. Those pics look really out standing. I wish it mine could be as cool as yours. And they really pop