Monday, 12 June 2017

Mr Eco

Hi everyone, Mr Eco came to our school today to talk to us about the environment. He was a rapper. So he rapped his songs. They were about:

A litterbug - not litter anywhere
Bag Monster - not using plastic bags - use re-usable bags
Save some for the fishes - saving water - everything going down drains goes to the ocean
Straw Wars - not to use plastic straws - Ask for "no straw" when your order food out
Eco Anthem - being a super hero / eco hero

Here is the link to his You Tube channel. To listen to the raps again and check out his blog and vlog.

From Room 14

Mr Eco you tube channel

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  1. Mr Eco was very funny. he was the best American rapper. Of all time and deuces.