Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Reading Prompt Questions to help comprehension

Hi everyone, I am going to use these questions in class when the children are buddy reading and thought they might be helpful to you at home to ask your children questions. I have given them each a copy to take home. Enjoy.

Buddy reading checklist (dot when you are done)
Ask your buddy some questions before reading the book.

What type of book is this?

Is the title interesting? Why?

What do you think the book is about? Why?

Have you read a book like this before?

Why is this book good for you to read?

Buddy reading: follow the steps. Praise your buddy.

1.Choose the right place to sit.

2. Start reading the book together. The reader follows the words. If they can’t read a word, count to 4, then tell them the word. The reader must repeat the word and start reading again.

Buddy Thinking: ask your buddy questions about the book.

Who or what was this book about?

What was your favourite part of the story? Why?

What happened at the start of the story?

What happened at the end of the story?

Can you tell me 2 facts from the story?

How did this story make you feel? Why?

Buddy words: follow the steps, praise your buddy.

Write down any words your buddy found tricky in this box.

Use a dictionary to find the meaning of these tricky words and record their meanings here.

Find a word that is similar to these words if possible.

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